IFHV Research Studies Inclusion of People with Disabilities in South Sudan’s Humanitarian Action


Applied Accompanying Research Pilot Countries

Our project partner, IFHV research associate Abu Faisal Md. Khaled recently conducted a field research in South Sudan, contributing to a deeper understanding of disability inclusion in humanitarian response.

This research falls under our project activities and is part of the applied research component on innovation and impact of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Guidelines on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action.

Khaled’s research delves into the implementation of the IASC Guidelines and focuses on South Sudan’s humanitarian landscape, specifically examining:

  • Whether the voices of individuals and organizations representing persons with disabilities are heard and considered within national and sub-national protection clusters.
  • The level of integration of these voices within the Inter-cluster Coordination Working Group.

Through interviews with humanitarian actors, Organizations of Persons with disabilities (OPDs) and affected population, the research provides crucial insights for ensuring disability-inclusive programming in South Sudan. The findings contribute significantly to our project’s global efforts to promote the IASC Guidelines and advocate for the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action.

Text by Abu Faisal Md. Khaled, IFHV