Review, Adapt, and Action Learning (RAAL) Workshop Organised in Juba


Capacity Building IASC-Guidelines Pilot Countries
Photo of the group discussion during the RAAL Workshop South Sudan.

From 10th to 12th May 2023, as part of Phase 3 – Leave no one behind! project, HI’s South Sudan team conducted a Review, Adapt, and Action Learning laboratory (RAAL-Lab) workshop to protection cluster members in Juba grand hotel, South Sudan. The Participants were drawn from both National and International Non-Governmental Organizations and UN agency.  

The workshop was tailored based on Disability Reference Group (DRG) training modules on Introduction to Disability-Inclusive Humanitarian Action, available also at our project website, and used the Review, Adapt and Action Learning laboratory (RAAL-Lab) method developed by our project. The RAAL-Lab methodology is a process that gives opportunity to participants to review, develop, learn jointly, and adapt the existing assessment tools to align them with the recommendations of the IASC Guidelines on Inclusion.  

The workshop participants acquired knowledge on how to mainstream disability inclusion in their programming through twin-track approach, Must Do Actions and use of the IASC Guidelines. The participants also had the chance to review their own assessment tools to identify the existing gaps and ensure disability inclusive data collection tools.  

Notable was the engagement of the two OPD (Organisations of Persons with Disabilities) representatives with visual impairment as co-facilitators. The participants also acknowledged that this is the best practice to engage persons with disabilities and it gave them the confidence to start implementing new practices in their respective organizations. 

As one of the participants concluded: 

‘‘I have gained a lot from this training, above all the RAAL lab exercise has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills of how I can review our own organizational tools to be disability-inclusive’’  

Group photo of the RAAL-workshop participants in Juba, South Sudan.
A Group photo of the participants after the completion of RAAL-Lab workshop on 12th May 2023, in Juba, South Sudan.
Photo Copyright: Obale Musa /HI
Text by Obale Musa