Mainstreaming of Disability in Humanitarian Action: Meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action

The project „Phase 3 – Leave no one behind!“ would like to invite you to our upcoming in-person training on “Meaningful Participation of Persons with Disability in Humanitarian Action”

Key Infos


  • Online Introduction: September 9, 2024 (half-day)
  • Face-to-face training: September 18-19, 2024 (2 days)


  • Berlin, Germany (Venue: Hotel Rossi, Lehrter Strasse 66, 10557 Berlin, Germany)


  • English (International Sign Language upon request)

Who is invited?

  • Project managers and technical advisors of German-based humanitarian actors and their (local) offices and partners.

Participants should have experience in humanitarian action programming, a good command of English, and be able to attend all training days in Berlin.


Participants will learn how to apply the IASC Guidelines on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Actions, focusing on the 4 (four) must-do actions. They will improve their knowledge of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), understand their structure, and what it means to collaborate at eye level. They will gain knowledge on supporting participation through practical arrangements like reasonable accommodation and application of the twin-track approach. Finally, they will gain practical knowledge on implementing inclusive approaches for all individuals with different types of disabilities, including women, men, girls, and boys.

In this training, participants will:

  • Understand how to apply the IASC Guidelines on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action with a focus on the 4 (four) Must do Actions and essentially the meaningful participation and empowerment of persons with disabilities.
  • Identify OPDs, know more about their structure and functioning and know the advantages and challenges collaborating with OPDs as well as their own responsibilities collaborating with them.
  • Gain knowledge on how to support the meaningful participation of persons with disabilities through practical arrangements such as reasonable accommodation, or through applying a twin-track approach in humanitarian interventions.
  • Get to know practical approaches on how to make their interventions inclusive for all persons with different types of disabilities, including women, men, boys and girls with different types of disabilities, including also IDPs with disabilities.

To Apply

Please fill out this registration form by July 31st, 2024 and you will be contacted with a final confirmation shortly after.

Successful applicants are selected based on pre-defined criteria and will be informed via email after the application deadline.

The training is free of charge. Any related travel, accommodation and per diem costs need to be covered by the participants. We aim to provide the training as accessible as possible for persons with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation adjustments will be available upon request.

More information: send your questions to