E-learning Course on Disability-Inclusive Humanitarian Action Now Available in French!


Capacity Building IASC-Guidelines

How do we ensure that the requirements of persons with disabilities are being met in humanitarian programming? How do we support their equitable access and meaningful participation in humanitarian action? Check out our E-learning course to help you find answers to these questions.

We are pleased to announce that our e-learning course on Introduction to Disability-Inclusive Humanitarian Action is now available in two languages – French and English – on both Kaya Connect and Disaster Ready.

This E-learning course is designed to support you and your organization to start operationalizing the IASC Guidelines on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action.  In particular, it offers an opportunity to deepen your knowledge on the rights-based approach to disability and how to apply it practically in humanitarian programming.

The course consists of six distinct modules which were developed in collaboration with the  Disability Reference Group (DRG), engaging the humanitarian expertise of UN, NGOs and Organizations of Persons with Disabilities. Its structure and content complement the DRG learning modules for face-to-face and guided online learning, which offer a further expansion of your knowledge and practice. 

Throughout this course, you will gain knowledge and skills on the rights-based understanding of the disability, on the IASC Guidelines and their Must Do Actions, the meaning of inclusive humanitarian action and its key approaches, accessibility and universal design, as well as inclusive accountability to affected populations.

The course is relevant for anyone involved in humanitarian project or programme planning, design, management, monitoring & evaluation!

To access the course, follow the links below and create a free account in:

The course is self-paced and free of charge!