Group photo with the students of the Ruhr-University Bochum from the NOHA (Network on Humanitarian Action) Master

Universities & Specialist Events

Our goal: continue to build awareness on inclusive humanitarian action within the next generation of humanitarian workers as well as to incorporate disability as a cross-cutting issue at specialist events.


The successfully initiated cooperation with the AKKON Hochschule Berlin and the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) in previous project phase continues in phase 3. We will strengthen the awareness and capacities of the next generation of humanitarian actors through:

Awareness raising guest lectures and module support on inclusive humanitarian action for students of:

Specialist Events

The inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action has been increasingly recognized by German humanitarian actors. Yet, it is not sufficiently mainstreamed as a crosscutting human rights topic throughout the German humanitarian system. Therefore, we continue to raise awareness to the broad professional public to acknowledge the importance of equal protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in humanitarian emergencies.

Through our participation in specialist events, lectures, and panel discussions, we incorporate disability as a cross-cutting issue in the humanitarian narrative. Additonally, we support the organizers of such events on accessibility measures.

If you are interested in a collaboration for your humanitarian event, please contact us.

Updates on Universities & Specialist Events

Guest lecture at the Akkon University on Inclusive Humanitarian Action

By Heidi Villikka | 3. January 2023
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On 8 & 9 December 2022, “Phase 3 – Leave no one behind!” gave a guest lecture at the Akkon […]

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Join us at the CHA Annual Conference on 23-24 November

By Heidi Villikka | 23. November 2022
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We support the CHA Conference with specific guidance on and resources for accessibility as part of our project. On November […]

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Phase 3 – Leave No One Behind! supports the Humanitarian Congress Berlin

By Heidi Villikka | 10. October 2022
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For the fifth time, the Phase 3 – Leave no one behind! project supports the organisation of the Humanitarian Congress Berlin. […]

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Panel discussion at the 20th Humanitarian Congress Berlin

Phase 2- Leave no one behind! meets Humanitarian Congress Berlin for the 4th time

By Sabrina Ebert | 13. October 2021
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For the fourth time, the Phase 2 – Leave no one behind! project is supporting the organisers of the Humanitarian […]

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