Cover photo of the South Sudan field report. Shows a group of people sitting together.

Field Research in South Sudan on Inclusive Humanitarian Action

Our project “Phase 2 – Leave no one behind!” promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action. Based on the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Guidelines on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, we support a better understanding of the human rights-based approach to disability in humanitarian action.  To improve the […]


Cover of  the French IASC Guidelines

The French Version of the Global IASC Guidelines Is also Available Now!

In addition to the English, Spanish and Arabic version of the IASC (Inter-Agency Standing Committee) Guidelines on “Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action”, the French version has now also been published. The translation was done through our “Phase 2 – Leave no one behind! project. The global IASC Guidelines are the first humanitarian […]